Woman surrounded by cheetahs! See what she did to survive!

Cheetahs are considered to be the fastest animals in the world. So when they chase you to hunt you down, you better think of something else to survive an attack because outrunning them won’t do.

That’s why the video below was declared one of the best videos ever on wildlife according to animal lovers.

The video shows a woman trying to tame or, more likely, play with the cheetahs after stepping in their territory.

Now, to those of you who don’t know, female cheetahs are calm. Not can be said about their male counterparts though as they’re very territorial. Some of the male cheetahs in the video can even be seen posing for an attack, good thing this woman knows how to handle them.

Watch the video below and be in awe at how this brave woman managed to survive even when she was completely surrounded by cheetahs.

Caution: Please do not try this when confronted with a wild animal. This woman is a cheetah expert and has a lot of practice on animal behavior.

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