These ghosts and paranormal creatures have been seen all over Canada

It’s no secret to us that our country is filled with mysterious paranormal activities.

Hence this video getting a lot of attention and was recently getting popular in Canada.

The first one is from a place where tens of thousands of soldiers from recent battles were wounded and crippled and it’s here where what’s believe to be one of the most compelling pieces of ghost footage shot.

The second one is from a haunted lighthouse where visitors and workers witnessed numerous paranormal activities from hearing voices and unexplained sounds to literally seeing two little girls standing in front of them.

The third shows a video of a patient in a hospital sleeping when a figure suddenly appeared on top of her. Then, the patient suddenly started squirming around and seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Next, we have a haunted prison were tales of prisoners being tortured to death are countless. A group once caught a footage of some sort of figure walking toward them then bolted back down a hall extremely fast.

The last and final clip is assured to be 100% real because it was recorded live.

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