Frightening creatures caught living within our tunnels

Why is it when you enter a dark room you always feel like someone is watching you?

And why is it when you go in a cave or a tunnel, that feeling amplifies by 10x!

Then you tell your friends and none of them believe you. Even though they felt the same thing.

Well, in this footage, you won’t only feel it. You’ll see it for yourself because these tunnel explorers caught everything on cam.

And you won’t need to convince your friends ‘cause what you’ll see is undeniable proof that there are indeed frightening creatures living within tunnels and caves.

Not just because it's creepy, but also ‘cause its free real estate.

I recommend changing the video speed to slow motion. You’ll see more frightening stuff that the narrator missed. 🙂

Now, we’ve compiled something that’s 100x better (and skin-crawling) than this. If you want us to upload it then comment “They’re real” on our Facebook post and we’ll keep you guys updated after a few days.